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Style Styrofoam Industry (Pvt) Ltd manufacturing Thermopore (EPS Sheet) insulation is rigid and tough closed-cell foam made from pre-expanded polystyrene beads. These beads are molded together in block form out of which sheets of various densities, sizes and thicknesses are cut out.

Due to its closed cell structure, Styrofoam, Thermopore, EPS Sheets insulation sheets offer exceptional thermal insulation value. The properties of Styrofoam such as light weight, rigidity, ease of handling, and cost-effectiveness makes this material the most commonly used form of insulation in the world. Other applications include packing, insulated boxes, architectural shapes and disposable cups.


Features of STYROFOAM/Thermopore (EPS)

  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Exceptionally lightweight yet very strong
  • Non-biodegradable and non-toxic; CFC free
  • No effect of Bacteria and Fungi
  • High resistance to water vapor diffusion
  • Easily cut, drilled or molded
  • High compressive strength and ability to hold pressure

Areas of Usage

  • Building insulation (roof, walls, floors)
  • Cold Storage
  • Poultry control sheds
  • Expansion joints
  • Prefabricated housing
  • Server room insulation
  • Recording studious for sound insulation
  • 3D Designing

Sheets sizes

2m x 1m    4ft x 4ft     8ft x4ft    4ft x 6ft
1m x 1m    6.5ft x 4ft     4ft x3ft    3ft x 3ft
Thicknesse             12mm upto 30 inches